El amor es un concepto universal relativo a la afinidad entre seres, definido de diversas formas según las diferentes ideologías y puntos de vista (artístico, científico, filosófico, religioso). De manera habitual, y fundamentalmente en Occidente, se interpreta como un sentimiento relacionado con el afecto y el apego, y resultante y productor de una serie de actitudes, emociones y experiencias. En el contexto filosófico, el amor es una virtud que representa todo el afecto, la bondad y la compasión del ser humano. También puede describirse como acciones dirigidas hacia otros y basadas en la compasión, o bien como acciones dirigidas hacia otros (o hacia uno mismo) y basadas en el afecto.

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Love is a universal concept concerning the affinity between beings, defined in various ways according to the different ideologies and viewpoints (artistic, scientific, philosophical, religious). Routinely, and mainly in the West, is interpreted as a feeling associated with affection and attachment, and resulting and producer of a series of attitudes, emotions and experiences. In philosophical context, love is a virtue representing all the love, kindness and compassion of the human being. Also be described as actions directed toward others and based on compassion, or as actions directed toward others (or to oneself) and based on affection. 

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I have an essay about love and what it is. I have already handed the essay in but only to receive dismal results of 17/24. The teacher is now allowing me to rewrite a section that she will randomly pick on Friday. Any kind of help on revising of the essay will be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Love is a dark and intangible feeling that often exposes it's targets to danger, pain and suffering. Love is the pillar for friendship, yet it works to weaken us, and drives us to depend on and be sensitive of others. Love is built on a foundation of trust, a thin barrier between formality and chaos. Which leaves room for a selected group of people to abuse the trust and take advantage. Some might argue that love brings humans together and promote cooperation, yet cooperation and unionism are two very short fangled areas, as they will soon be contaminated with betrayal and lies. Love is a dangerous component of life and it works to deceive and manipulate other people's trusts.

At young ages, humans have a natural instinct to befriend people, but this is what weakens them and makes them vulnerable to power hungry people such as bullies. In kindergarten, we have watched countless children fall into the hands of bullies. These innocent children end up working as mindless slaves on behalf of the bully, or they get publically ridiculed and emotionally hurt. These malevolent children gained their sadistic powers by taking advantage of the innocent. Ingenuous children haven't seen the world as a whole yet, so they easily endow their love and kind hearts into the wrong investments. Their love has been abused, yet if there were no such a thing as love, nobody would get hurt.

Jealousy, which buds from the tree of love, motivates people to commit irrational actions. Most causes of dramas, whether at work or at school, revolve around jealousy. This will work to dissipate the concentration of one and provide more room for mistakes and distraction. When one feels jealous, it is because they care. Love provokes sentimental feelings and causes ones to care. In our busy lives, there is no room for drama.

Yet one might argue that love is what makes us human. Love is what brings together family, friends and happy memories. Nonetheless, who can judge that their love towards one is real? Maybe they are just taking advantage. Nobody knows. The trust between two people can be broken at a snap of a finger. An overheard conversation, a misread text message or simply the element of doubt can shatter the component of trust between two people. There is nobody you can trust but yourself. Why love others? Maybe love can bring us together, but it is unstable and dangerous.

Love is like a rose. The beauty of the flower is indescribable with words, but the stems are filled with vile thorns. Like a rose, it looks attractive and stunning, but as you look closer and examine it thoroughly, you will discover that it comes with pricks of jealousy, hatred, and mistrust and it will weaken you. If Love was not invented, Romeo and Juliet would have lived on, and nobody would have to suffer the pain and suffering love has to offer.