1.-How are you? 

*fine thank you 

* its such a bad day for me

* im alright life is good


2.- Whats your name?


-i dont remember it

- it doesnt matters


3.-Where are you from?

- Mexico


- A small town


4.-What are you doing?

-Watching TV

-Playing football

-Rocking the house


5.- what are we going to do on friday

-Hang out with her

-Go to the movie theater

-study at home =(


6.-What are you listening to?

-Michael jackson

-To the teacher

- i cant listen wait a second


7.-What did i do wrong?

-Run over her

-Fail 5 classes

-Sing like a horse


8.- where where you yesterday

-at home

-playing soccer with my friends

- i was sleeping thats why i didnt answer


9.- Would you go on a date with me?

-Not even in your dreams

-yes! i love you

- maybe some other day im busy today


10.-do you like ice cream?

-No, its too cold

-Yes, especially chocolate ice cream

-Just when im hot