Ordena las preguntas:

1°Problems/ Do/ have/ any/ ?/ school/ at/ you
2° there/bullying/ is/ your/ school/ at/ ?
3° anybody/ ? / lats /Did/ bully/ week/ you
4°do/ whar/ bullying/ teachers/?/ do/ to stop
5° ?/ does/ Why/ happen/ bullying





Do you have any problems at school?

Is there bulling at your school?

Did anybody bully you last week?

What do teachers do to stop bulling?

why does bulling happen?


tip casi siempre que lleva do es con lo que empieza sino con who what when where why o how



Do you have any problems at school? There is bullyng at yout school? Did you bully anybody last week What teachers do to stop bulling Why does bulling happen?