II. Complete the paragraph using the past tense of the verbs. Completa el párrafo usando el tiempo pasado de los verbos (indicados en negritas entre paréntesis). Sigue el ejemplo marcado en verde. Last Sunday (is) ___was___ great. I (wake) __________ up at 10 o’ clock. I (take) __________ a shower and then I (have) __________ something to eat. In the afternoon, I (go) ___________ to the supermarket with my mother. We (buy) __________ all the ingredients for making pizza. Me and my sister (make) _________ the pizza and (invite) __________ our cousins for dinner. After dinner, we (spend) __________ the rest of the evening talking and watching movies. We (have) _________ a lot of fun!



Is- was Wake- woke Take- took Have-has Go-got Buy-bought Make-made Invite- Spend- Have-had