I. Complete the next conversation making comparisons, use the words in parenthesis. Example: Seattle is colder than (cold) Los Angeles. Alan: Gee, Los Angeles is a terrible place to live! I´m glad I live in New York! Sue: Come on! L.A. is much _________ _________ (nice) New York! It´s _____________ (warm), it´s ____________ (cheap), and it´s ______________ (clean). Alan: Cleaner? Are you kidding? Anyway, I love New York. It´s much more exciting than L.A. and the people are _____________ (friendly), too. Sue: Well, you can have New York! Alan: And you can have L.A. For 1 extra point: Which is the largest continent in the world? ________________________



Nicer than Warmer Cheaper Cleaner More friendly Asia