In this moment I stay with my girlfriend, we are together, in our plans we have going to parís and we want the money that my grandfather going to give us, Is late and the dreams going to be reals, mi parents die and i only have to my girlfriend and a little daughter, i don´t have brother or sisters but i going to give to my daughter someone.

My daughter going to do something special for her school because she loves the school and know new thing, her friends going to buy roses and chocolates for give to the school students.

In this year we´re going to change our house and visit news countries, we are together and nothing going to turn away


Today I´m going to go to the cinema with my friends. We´re going to see a film call ´´(pon aqui tu una pelicula)´´ and we are going to eat a lot of popcorns and sweets. 

When we are arriving to the shopping center, I´m going to call to my cousin cause is her birthday. Then we are going to go to see a football match of (el equipo que te guste) 

and we are going to be there until 11pm. Next, we are going 

to go to paul´s house to have dinner all together and we are going to be there all night talking and having a good time.

some hours later, I´m going to go home, to sleep.






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