futuro simple

I am going to swim

You are going to dance

She is going to sleep 

We are going to write

pasado simple

1.- I was with him in the party (yo estaba con el en la fiesta)
2.- We were in her house yesterday (nosotros estabamos en la casa de ella ayer)
3.- She was his wife (ella era su esposa)
4.- I was sick (estaba enfeermo)
5.- Sabrina was pretty (sabrina era linda)
6.- My dog was white (mi perro era blanco)
7.- I was with my mother last year. (estaba con mi mama el año pasado)
8.- John was in my house (john estaba en mi casa)
9.- My mother and I were in the church last Sunday (mi mama y yo estabamos en la iglesia el domingo pasado)
10.- He was at thes chool yesterday at this hour (el estaba en la escuela ayer, a esta hora)

presente simple

1- Susan always smiles. 
2- George seldom laughs. 
3- We rarely frown. 
4- He is handsome. 
5- She is beautiful.
6- I study English.
7- He plays tennis.
8- I work in a bank
9- I leave Madrid tomorrow morning
10- I don't play tennis.
11- She doesn´t go to the cinema. 
12- We don´t know the answer.
13- Do you play football?
14- Does she go to the cinema? 
15- Do we know the answer?
16- I like hamburgers.
17- Does he play the guitar?
18- Do you like hamburgers?
19- She is not at home.
20- He is not very tall.

presente perfecto

I have gone to Spain twice.
He has come early this month.
I have gone to that school for about two years.
I have met a lot of people here.
We have been friends for a long time.
We have walked 
I have just eaten a chocolate cake.


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