Porfavor ayudenme con esto selo agradeceria mucho es un ejercicio de ingles :)

·In the 1950s, people made predictions about the future. Use will. Which predictions came true?

1.clean/ houses/ robots

2.not be/ any/ there /wars

3.shop/ by phone / people

4.telephones/ carry/ in their pockets/ people

6.live/ people / to be115 years old

Muchas gracias adios :)



In the future robots will clean the houses In the future won't be any wars In the future the people will shop by phone In the future people will carry telephones in their pockets
¡La mejor respuesta!

/*House will be clean by robots


/* People will shop by phone

/*People will carry telephones in their pockets

/*People live will be to 115 years old...

el de Wars te lo debo ^^