De la lectura anterior ( a day in the life)responder por supuesto en ingles no es traducir solo responder. colaborenme que tengo muchas tareas para mañana GRACIAS Who is she ? why is she popular? 2. look at these simple phrases from the firts paragraph of the text. What is the text about? Emma Watson is fourteen..... ... she is Hermione in the Harry potters films. .3. Read the seconds paragraph. find three more simples phrases. She lives in Oxford... 4. look at this prhases and answer the questions. She is a famous actress. 1. is famous an adjective or a noun? And actress? 2. is actrees similar to a word in your language? 3. is teenager a nour or an adjective? 4. whay is Emma's job? 5. what is spotrs can she play? 6. how olkd is emma? 7. is brad pitt her favorite singer? 8. what are her hobbies? 9. what does she do in the future



1. Who is she? why is she popular? ---Is Emma Watson, she is famous because she is an actress. 2. Look at this simple phrases from the first Paragraph of the text. What is the text about?--- Is about one day in the life of Emma, there explains that she is a teenager but she is famous. 3. Read the second paragraph, find three more simples phrases and answer the questions . 1. Is a famous an adjective or noun? And actress? --- famous an actress are nouns 2. Is actress similar word in your language? --- Yes, is very similar in my language is "actriz" 3. Is teenager a noun or an adjective? --- it's a noun. 4. What's is Emma's job? --- she is an actress, she is Hermaioni en Harry potter. 5. What sports she an play? --- she can play tennis, table tennis and volleyball. 6. How old is Emma? --- In the pictures she had 14 years old, but right now she had 23. 7. Is brad Pitt his favourite singer? --- No, he is his favourite actor. 8. What are her hobbies?--- She is interested in music, animals, dance, art, she likes to go to shopping with her friends. 9. What does she do in the future? --- I think she's gonna do more films and she's gonna have a lot of jobs
Quien es ella porque es populas emma watson tiene 14 ella era hermione en harry poter