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Work (trabajar) worked (pasado simple) worked (pasado participio) I work from monday to friday. I work in a stationary. She works everyday. He works at the airport. They work very hard. She worked 3 hours last friday. He worked at the cinema for 3 years. She worked all weekend. We worked 2 years in London. They worked at the ford's factory. I've worked three years in the same company. He has worked too fast the last days. She has worked in 3 different companies in the last 5 months. They have worked in 3 different countries. You have worked very hard the last two years. Come (venir) came (vine) come (venido) You need to come with your girlfriend. I'll come tomorrow to watch that movie. Come with me and you'll be happy. He comes to my house every thursday. They come to play soccer every sunday. I came to this movie theather yesterday. He came to my house yesterday. She came last wednesday to see me. He came a lot of times last month. She came last friday to do one homework. I have come because i tought you were sad. She has come to Italy just one time. They have come many times. We have come a lot of times. He has come even thought he felt bad.