acompletar las siguientes con tag question en los espacios en blanco

you sister plays tennis, ?

the teacher didn’t drive to school today, ?

luis miguel and alejandro have beautiful voices, ?

the teacher explained the lesson, ?

you don’tknow how to cook, ?

ana gariela guevara won a gold metal in the last olympic games, ?

your neighbor doesn’t speak to you, ?

michael jackson died last year, ?

the teacher likes metal music, ?

you didn’t go to europe last year, ?




Your sister palys tennis tommorrow?


The teacher didn't drive to school today, did she?


luis miguel and alenjadro have beautiful voices, am I right?


The teacher explained the lesson, didn't you pay attention?


You don't know how to cook, do you?


Ana gabriela guevara won a gold metal in the last olimpic games, didn't she?


Your neighbor dosen't speak to you, do he speak to you?


Michael jackson died last year, did you know?


The teacher likes metal music, do you like metal music?


You didn't go to Europe last year, did you went to europe last year?


Saluudos ^^ espero que tee sirvaa :33



Does she??? Did he??? Haven't they?? Didn't she?? Do you??? Did't she?? Does it?? Didn't he??? Doesn't she??? Did you???