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She dace in her school I walk in the park He play soccer every day My father travel the weekends She eat in te restaurant in mexican city My sister read a interest book The aeroplane fly very tall My friend drive in the city his car I study all week
We are going to dance for mother's day. I walk every day to go to school. My brother is going to play sooccer with his friends tomorrow. You need to wait until they call your name. She likes to travel all around the world. My volleyball team is going to win the next champion chip. I like to eat pizza. My teacher told us to read 20 minutes every day. Penguins are bird even though the can't fly. My parents are goinf to give a cell phone for my bithday. My brother doesn't know how to drive. My mothe told me to clean my room. I need to wash my backpack. Roberto didn't study for his exam tomorrow.