Once upon a time , there was a girl  who was  five years old and had bright black eyes. She lived in a village near the mountains; and lived with her parents and her brother. The people said she was crazy because she was obsessed with a doll and thought she was alive.

Her brother didin´t believe her but the consequeneces of him of saying that the doll was death were terrible.

The next day his parentes found him death ,lying on his bed;next to him you could see the doll.

The parents buried him.

But the little girl was still thinking the doll was alive.

She became so obessed with the doll that every time she was with the doll , little by little her soul was being transferred to the doll.

Finally se became part of the live of the doll and dissapeares.

Her parents looked for her but the only thing they found has a bright black eye of a doll.

Me la invnté yo =) suerte =)