a usually day in my live i get up at 8 o´ clock, then i brosed my teeth and have a shower at half past eight i go to school after breakfast. when i go home i eat and do my homework, then i study   almost 2 hours for my tests at seven o´clock i always watch tv because begins my favourite tv program until 9 o´clock at this hour i always have dinner my favourite food are pizza and hamburger but yesterday i ate a cheese sandwich, it was delicious! i sometimes go out with my friend before dinner, my friend are very friendly and funny. i have fun with them. when i´m with my friend we play videogames. but other times i stay home and i watch a film. i love jackie chan because i love action films. i go to bet at 11 o´clock and this is a usually day in my live.

espero que te sirva cambia alguna palabra sino te viene bien y corrigelo porsi me he equivocado. era muy dificil pero espero que te sirva.


                                                         Usually day in my life


I wake up at 6 :30 o'clock, i stand up and I go to the bathroom, i take a shower and I eat the delicious breakfast that my mother prepares me then I go out and I wait for the bus that pass leaving me from the high school, When I arrive to the school I pay attention to all my classes and in the rest I play soccer and I eat a delicious lunch that my mother give me when I return to my class I continue paying attention to my teachers, then when the classes ends I return to my home and I eat a lunch that my mother prepares me, when I finish it I go out for 15 minutes and then I start to do my homework’s, when I finish I see TV  or a movie and finally I fall asleep