arly life

My name is Ana Maria Arratia Cisterna.I’m 17 years. I am Chilean. I was born on November 19   in 1993.I was born in Limache city. I have lived always in the same place. I study at Limache College in the 3   grade.

Family and friends

My parents are Ricardo Arratia and Myriam Cisterna. My father is a security guard and my mother is a teacher. I have two brothers and two sisters they are Jonatan, Abi, Andrea, and Lucas they are 22, 20, 15 and 11 years old. I have a lot of friends, Debora, Daniela, Guisselle, Scarlett, Paulina and Patricia. I think they are funny and friendly.

Hobbies and free time

I usually sleep and study in my free time. My hobbies are listening to music and go bicycling prefer listening to pop music because it makes me feel happy. My favorite is a Coldplay because their songs are good. My favorite food is a pizza and hamburgs because it is delicious. I like TV, especially “Glee” because it is funny and interesting. Yes, I do practice different sports. The school is funny and exhausted but the school is very important for my life.

Important events in my life

The most important experiences in my life are: I started kinder in 1999 and I broke my nose .I studied my primer school at Limache College. I finish the 8 grade in 2007.Yes, I have met an important person. She is my mother, she is great woman. The most meaningful thing in my life are my family and friends. Because they give me too much love and appreciate. I expect to be a professional woman and have a nice family.

My Biography


The elderly lady, Rose Dawson (Gloria Stuart), knows the story, and is headed there, as it was one that was saved from collapse. Once there, begin to narrate the love story that lived Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt in Titanic.

  Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) was a young entrepreneur and without bias, who took the Titanic by getting a third-class ticket in a card game.

  In contrast, the young Rose DeWitt Butaker (Kate Winslet), was one of high class people, who hated the rigidity of their status.

  Thanks to the excellent pictures of Jack, Rose noticed him, and from that moment began a love relationship, he wanted to be destroyed by his mother and her future husband Cal Hockley (Billy Zane). But a major force was the ultimate cause of their physical separation. The Shock of the unsinkable Titanic with a block of ice, making the ship to sink into a disaster where few were saved
4exelentes pricipales the actors of this movie does a very good paper and they went very real and believable.
5the excitement you gave us to see this movie was joy to see love as strong and stronger than between the couple had prohibited, sadness for the deaths to sink the ship and when jack died

    Leonardo DiCaprio como Jack Dawson
    Kate Winslet como Rose DeWitt Bukater
    Billy Zane como Cal Hockley
    Kathy Bates como Molly Brown
    Bill Paxton como Brock Lovett
    Gloria Stuart como Rose de Vieja
    Frances Fisher como Ruth DeWitt Bukater
    Bernard Hill como Capitán Edward J. Smith
    Jonathan Hyde como J. Bruce Ismay
    Victor Garber como Thomas Andrews
Empresa: fox
  Localidad: EE.UU.
  Categoría: Drama,Romantico
  Director: James Cameron
  Compositor: James Horner
Año de producción: 1997