-Hello. I haven't seen you here before.

-That's all right. I'm with Thomas. He's my cousin. You proboalby know him.

-Oh, I do. So it's your first time in London? How do you like it in here?

-I can only imagine how adorable it is. I had an exhausting journey, so the first day we stayed home.

-So you haven't been to the city centre yet?

-Actually, I have. Tom took me for sightseeing the next day, but when we reached London Eye, it started raining.

-What a pity. But we, the city dwellers, are used to rain.

-I guess you are. But it's all right. We used our umbrellas and took a taxi home. Thomas invited his friends, Madie and George. We spent an amazing evening togerher.

-I have never met Madie, but George is a good friend of mine. Did you travel here by yourself?

-Yes. My husband stayed home with the children. One is a 7 year old girl, the other one is a 9 year old boy. They had to stay home and attend school.

-Right. I'm sorry, I think my friend is waving at me. Have a good time. I hope the weather get's better tomorrow!

-Maybe we'll meet soon. Have a good time too.