transform these sentences into the plural

he is a good father

she is an excellent doctor

peter is a good brother

she is an American singer

it is an english book

I am a tall boy

My father is an engineer

That car is very fast

That toy is expensive

The ball is new




Basicamente solo tienes que cambiar el pronombre con "They" ya que significa Ellos y Ellas y sirve para los dos. Y si son objetos puedes poner "Those" que es That en plural.

-They are good fathers.

-They are excellent doctors.

-They are good brothers.

-They are American singers.

-Those are the english books.

-They are tall boys.

-My parents are engineers.

-Those toys are expensive.

-The balls are new.



He is a good father  ->   They are good fathers.


She is an excellent doctor   ->  They are excellent doctors.


Peter is a good brother      ->  They are good brothers.


She is an American  singer   -> They are American singers.


It is an english book   ->  They are english books.


I am a tall boy   ->  We are tall boys.


My father is an engineer    ->  Our fathers are engineers.


That car is very fast   ->  Those cars are very fast.


That toy is expensive   ->  Those toys are expensive.


The ball is new  -> The balls are new.


*NOTA:  Recuerda que en inglés los adjetivos no tienen ni género ni número, excepto los de cantidad y los demostrativos.




Singular        Plural

That       --->    those

This      ---->    these


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