The man was wearing  a red t-shirt.

The towel was wet because  he had just used it.

The big giant was mad with the other giants for using his calefactor.

It was so many time the sun heated the land that became very hot.

The string from which he was grabbing was very thin.

The  soupthat she had just brought  was quite hot.

The mad person´s face became more and more red as time passed.

The wet  suit was taken from the toilet.

The hot chilly peper wasn´t tasteful for him.

Marca mi respuesta como la mejor=)



1. My cousin is wearing a red scarf (Mi prima lleva puesta una bufanda roja)


*(Thall no existe, supongo que quisiste decir tall)


2. My best friend is very tall, he is the tallest boy in the class. (Mi mejor amigo es muy alto, él es el chico más alto de la clase)


3. I don't eat junk food in order to be thin. (No como comida basura para estar delgado/a)


4. There is a big swimming-pool next to my house. (Hay una gran piscina al lado de mi casa)


5. Yesterday we were talking about a mad scientist's experiment. (Ayer estuvimos hablando sobre el experimento de un científico loco)


6. It's raining a lot. If you are going out you should take your wet shoes. (Está lloviendo mucho. Si vas a salir fuera, deverías de llevarte tus zapatos de agua)


7. I love Christina Aguilera, she's really hot. (Me encanta Christina Aguilera, está realmente buena)


8. In summer it's very hot, for that very reason I love going to the beach. (En verano hace mucho calor, por esa razón me encanta ir a la playa)


9. I hate red peppers. (Odio los pimientos rojos)


10. I'm eating a very big hamburguer. (Estoy comiendo una gran hamburguesa)