Long ago in a distant Paiz, inhabited a little princess 4 years old ... she was very funny and he liked things risky ... But there was one thing which was very afraid ... into the darkness ... when night came ... always asked his father to tell you a little story ... haci fell asleep before the lights ... one night her father had the rain estdo a long time and was sick ... Thus, he had to go to bed and could not tell the story to the girl ... when he was crying in his bed (with the light on) her father sent one of the maids to tell EU stops now mourn iva to tell his story ... but the maid to tell this ... he said he could not believe that a girl as good as it endangers the health of his father only fear which could get right leaving the door open ... so the girl thought about these words and rose habitancion was toward his father and gave him a kiss goodnight told that from now on she was gonna tell a story to his father, but the only thing pedia was to leave the door slightly ajar your room ... The happy father told his story ... in your room ... and when I finish before the girl's head to kiss his room and said he was very glad he had been vaiente to face their fear and selfishness had been beating