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This Christmas was great!! I don´t know if it was because of the presents I had or of the food I ate.

Firstly,as you problably don´t imagine is that I love eating  deserts and meals,especially if they contain chocolate.

I went to the mountains to ski with my family and with my favourite uncle (he doesn´t live near home , so we don´t spend much time with him ) . I taught some cousins how to ski.

We  did lots of snowmans and we slid in a sledge that we borrowed from my friends.

My uncle gave me as present some clothes and games to play with.

We  spent lots of time  in my uncle´s house ,and we  had fun ;and watched on tv madrid´s three wizards or kings parade.

After we went to bed ,and the next morning we found us sorrounded by presents!

One of my cousins had a bike as present and I had some money as present. I think I was very lucky for having lots of presents because nowadays poor children don´t have any of them.

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