Oraciones en ingles en presente y pasado perfecto una oracion con cada tiempo con los siguientes verbos :escribir; llorar ; ser o estar .beber ; entender ; enviar;cazar ; olvidar; comer' estudiar, vender, salir, ponerse, perder, venir, comenzar, encontrar, conocer, pensar, levantar





Escribir: Dou you write this book?

Llorar:You were crying when I came

Ser: I'm proud to be since I am

Beber: He drinks a lot of beer

entender: I understand her situation

enviar: They send my letter

cazar: To be going to hunt is a good plan for the weekend

olvidar:I can't forget him

comer:I eat too much turkey in Christmas

estudiar: I go studying the whole weekend.

vender: I sell my Blackberry to my cousin

Salir:I go out to the park in the evening.

ponerse:I'm wearing this red dress all day

perder:I lose my phone usually

venir: You come to my house today

comenzar: They start to go to the gym today

encontrar:They find the way to come to house

Conocer: I know the way to turn off the computer

pensar: You think the violet colour is ugly

levantar: We raise the blind in order that between the light


Presente perfecto

escribir: I had written a letter

llorar:She had cried the whole evening

ser: I had been in the restaurant in the night

beber: They had drunk too much wine

enviar: He had sent the e-mail too late

olvidar: We had forgotten the day of the concert

comer:You had ate the dinner without me

estudiar: She had studyed hard for the french exam

vender: She had sold her old clothes

perder: We had forgotten our computer

comenzar: I had started to go to the cinema all nights

encontrar: You had found your smartphone in your room

conocer: I had knew all rules of this place

pensar: They had thought this food is disable