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Mary Shelley wrote the novel Frankenstein 18 years (1818), that made her famous and that starts with the science fiction genre.
Frankenstein is composed of three concentric stories. In the first, Robert Walton tells hissister, in his letters, his journey to the North Pole. In one of those letters is insertednarration of Victor Frankenstein to Walton, which in turn includes the narration of VictorFrankenstein monster. The structure of Chinese boxes, responds to the epistolary genre so popular in the eighteenth century.
Victor Frankenstein is The Modern Prometheus, the protagonist receiving the fire of life and is able to create, much to his dismay, a monster without a name. "For nearly two years he had worked tirelessly for the sole purpose of infusing life into an inert body. This had deprived me of rest and health," says Victor.
The monster is born of inert matter is transformed into a human being as acquires language. He is mentioned in the play as "monster", "monster", "the creature", "creature","horrendous guest", "demonic being" ... and although born innocent, her loneliness and horror and contempt that produces its contemplation to others you will be turning into abrutal. Frankenstein chases, destroys his family and is subsequently pursued by hiscreator, responsible for his work, trying to avoid other problems that the creature may cause. SUERTE