In the place I live, there is a tall, white man very handsome, my mom says he is a doctor, as far as I know, doctors dont look so nice. but he es very different from others, all the friends of my mom said that in a far away past he was a thief, he didnt look as a thief but anyone knows, yesterdey I was in my way home when he get closer to me and talk. I didnt understand he was talking to me until he yelled HEY!! IM TALKING TO YOU! it was something funny so I talk to him too. He wanted to meet my mom. But since my father died she doesn't talk to much about men. Only of this guy. So i agreed and invited him to dinner, mom was excited, because he was really atractive to her, I hope she forgots about living alone with me, and marrie this tall, handsome and nice guy.


Peter is a young man, he is always more optimistic than me. He has the biggest blond hair I have ever see. He has very beautiful black eyes. He is all the day making jokes, but he isn´t funnier than me. He´s favourite colour is blue, and he is never sad. Peter usually play football, for my is the best football player of my town but his friend, Lucas is quiclier than Peter. His favourite food is the chocolate cakes, he is not the greedier person I know. Peter loves the fruit too, he eats a lot but he isn´t really fat. He´s stronger than me because he goes all the days to the gym. Peter is my friend because he is the best boy I know.



No se me ocurre nada mas, espero haberte ayudado