Fill in the blanks with a logical or sequence connector each       1.   There is no more food left. ______ there is plenty of drinks.       2.   The Interact Club has done well to help the poor. ______ the Welfare Club has done well too.       3.   The documents will be scrutinized by the police. ______ they will be sent back tot he relevant authority.       4.   The retailer has been making losses. ______ he intends to wind up his business.       5.   Wash the potatoes first. ______ you can boil them.       6.   We have been trying to contact Michael for the past few days. ______ we managed to trace him to a hotel in town.       7.   Life in the country may not be as exciting as life in the city. ______ you are close to nature which provides peace and quietness.       8.   The dog will bark without fail every time the ice-cream man passes by. ______ it will start howling.       9.   Let us not be complacent with ourselves. ______ we may lose out in the final round.       10.   Lopez has experienced poverty and hardship before. ______ he has a sympathetic heart towards the poor and needy.