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Oliver twist questions:

1. Who names Oliver Twist? Whats his process for choosing the name?

2. What is Bumble's job? What s Mrs manns job? What does Bumble check before he decides to ask Mrs. mann to marry him?

3. What is the occupation of Mr. Sowerberry( the man who taks oliver from the workhouse)?

4. Who is Noah Claypole? Why does Oilver attack him?

5. Why does Oliver run away from sowerberry?

6.Jack Dawkins finds oliver. By what name is Dawkins better known?

7.Where does dawkins take oliver?

8. Describe Fagin

9. Describe Bill

10 Describe Nancy

11. Why does bill need oliver?




1. Oliver Twist is given his name by Mr Bumble, the prosaic beadle at the workhouse according to an alphabetical system. Oliver Twist is, in fact, "all of a twist"
2. Mr. Bumble is the beadle in the town where Oliver is born. As beadle, he’s responsible for running all of the "charitable" institutions in the parish – including the baby farms and the workhouse. Mann, Mrs is a Matron of a workhouse farm where Oliver is raised.
3. Mr. Sowerberry is the undertaker who buys Oliver from Mr. Bumble after Oliver asks for more food in the workhouse. Sowerberry puts Oliver to work as a "mute", a person who marches silently at the head of funerals wearing a top hat. Noah Claypole, a coarse young man who also works at Sowerberry's insults Oliver's dead mother, whereupon Oliver beats him up. For this, Oliver is in turn beaten by Sowerberry and confined to the cellar of the coffin shop.
4. Noah Claypole is an apprentice in Mr. Sowerberry’s shop. He was a charity boy, and the other kids made fun of him. So as soon as Oliver arrives, Noah is pretty jazzed about having someone even lower on the social ladder than he is. Finally, someone he can dump on! Dickens takes this circumstance to moralize about how everyone likes to stomp on the people below them. One day, in an attempt to bait Oliver, Noah insults the orphan’s late mother, calling her "a regular right-down bad ‘un". Oliver flies into a rage, attacking and even beating the much bigger boy.
5. When Oliver was beating Noah Mrs. Sowerberry took Noah’s side, helped him subdue Oliver and later compelled her husband and Mr. Bumble, who has been sent for in the aftermath of the fight, into beating Oliver again. Once Oliver is sent to his room for the night, he does something that he hadn't done since babyhood — he breaks down and weeps. Alone that night, Oliver finally decides to run away. He wanders aimlessly for a time, until a well-placed milestone sets his wandering feet towards London.
6. Jack Dawkins is better known as the Artful Dodger.
7. Dodger takes Oliver to the "old gentleman"'s residence.
8. look it up here:
9. He is one of Dickens's most vicious characters and a very strong force in the novel when it comes to having control over somebody or harming others. He is portrayed as a rough and barbaric man. He is a career criminal associated with Fagin, and an eventual murderer. He is very violent and aggressive, prone to sudden bursts of extreme behaviour. He owns a bull terrier named Bull's Eye, whom he beats until the dog needs stitches.
Dickens describes his first appearance:
The man who growled out these words, was a stoutly-built fellow of about five-and-thirty, in a black velveteen coat, very soiled drab breeches, lace-up half boots, and grey cotton stockings which enclosed a bulky pair of legs, with large swelling calves—the kind of legs, which in such costume, always look in an unfinished and incomplete state without a set of fetters to garnish them. He had a brown hat on his head, and a dirty belcher handkerchief round his neck: with the long frayed ends of which he smeared the beer from his face as he spoke. He disclosed, when he had done so, a broad heavy countenance with a beard of three weeks' growth, and two scowling eyes; one of which displayed various parti-coloured symptoms of having been recently damaged by a blow.
His prostitute girlfriend Nancy tolerates his violent and lawless behaviour, perhaps because she, being a thief since the age of six, needs stability in her life, and because she believes that she loves him. However when he thinks Nancy has betrayed him, Sikes viciously murders her. The murder is especially gruesome and one of the most graphic, frightening scenes Dickens ever wrote. mob hounds him through the streets of London until he hangs himself while trying to escape. It is left ambiguous as to whether or not this was intentional.
Sikes has almost no redeeming qualities, although Dickens does give him some shading: at the robbery in the countryside, Sikes, rather than leave Oliver at the scene of his botched burglary of Rose Maylie's house, picks him up and runs with him as far as he can. This, however, was as much for his own self-preservation, as he eventually does abandon the seriously wounded boy and shows absolutely no remorse about doing so. After he brutally beats Nancy to death, he apparently is capable of feeling guilt—although this is essentially suspicion that Fagin lied to him about her betrayal, and fear of the possibility of being caught. Sikes lives in Bethnal Green and later moves to the squalid rookery area of London then called Jacob's Island, east of present-day Shad Thames.
10. Nancy might be the most complicated character of the novel. Despite being a relatively minor character, she has a very important role to play – she’s the source of the information about the plot between Monks and Fagin to ensnare Oliver.

11. idk i'm tired anyway you should do your homework yourself... Source(s): Hope this helps!!!!