Quiero que me corrijan este ensayo, gracias.

I'm going to talk about fifteen. The fifteen years is the most important age for a teenager. When we get closer to that age all we ask a question. A party or a trip? My friends wanted a party, or were a little confused, but I always knew I wanted to meet Disney World. One day my friend Magali came to Luciana's house where I was and brought an itinerary of a trip to Disney that I really liked, and changed my friends minds, they want to go to Disney. So we agreed among ourselves and with our parents and decided to travel. In July this year, after waiting long I trip with my friends. They were the best 25 days of my life. So on July 5 we traveled to Buenos Aires to catch our plane. First we went to Orlando, where every morning we visited a different Disney park full of roller coastersand wonderful things, we sleep a few hours, but we have a lot of fun. After all these stressful days, we went to Puerto Cabo Cañaberal, where we take the world's largest cruise ship, Freedom of the Seas, and sailed to the Caribbean for a week. It was great I really liked to met Caribbean islands, relax with friends, enjoy shows, amazing meals, swimming and more. After that, we went to Miami, where we had days of shopping, entertainment and more. And then we had to return, we don't liked it a lot but we had to do. Today is the day where I still miss those wonderful days and I would like to return.




hay una parte nomas mira:
Voy a hablar de quince años. Los quince años es la edad más importante para un adolescente. Cuando nos acercamos a esa edad lo único que pedimos una pregunta. Una fiesta o un viaje? Mis amigos querían una fiesta, o eran un poco confusos te lo digo en ingles: or were a little confused . pusiste asi que eso lo tenes que cambiar por : y eran un poco confusos te lo digo asi :and were a bit confused .  por queda mal no por ser mala :)