Verbs (regula)

Regular verbs are those that retain the same root in all its forms and endings have their conjugation model   


Example                      Last                                      Present                  Future

 Sigs. = canta

Cant and = Cant e

Sings = canta

Re singin = Canta re

Eat = comer

Ate = com io

Eat = cam er

will eat = com era


Cook ed =caci na


Cook it = coci nara


Jump = salto

Jumps =salta

Jumped = saltara


Verbs (irregular)

    Irregular verbs are those that do not retain the same root in all its forms, or have different endings conjugation model, or both.
To determine whether a verb is regular or irregular enough to observe the following:

Example                   Last                                 Present                 Future         .    

Show = mostrar

Shined =mostr o

Show =mostra r

Will shon = mostra re

Walk =andar

Walk ed =anduvo

Walk= andar

Walk ing = andar a

Hut = cazar

Dipper = cazo

Hunted = cacé

I will hunt = cazaré

Walk = caminar

Road = camino

Walking = camina

Walk =caminara