ayuda a resolver esto! I________(not/like) carrots.

she______(hate) westerns.

canyou help peter?he _____(do) his homework.

what_______(you/watch) n tv?is it intetesting.

when I ______(go) back home, I will phone my girlfriend.

we usually______(take) a taxi to go to work.

they______(not/travel) a lost.

she___________(not/come) she is looking after her litle sister.




i don't like
she hates westerns
can help peter? he does his homework
what do you watch tv?
when i goes back home...
we usually don't take 
the don't travel 
she doesn't come ...


I don't like carrots.

She hates westerns.

Can you help Peter?He does hos homework.

What do you watch on TV?Its is interesting.

When I go back home,I will phone my girlfriend.

We ususally take a taxi to go to work.

They don't travel a lot.

She doesn't come she is looking after her little sister.