Hey nesecito hacer una dramtizacion corta de ingles. la dramatizacion debe tener en cuenta el Reported speech. esta dramatizacion es de 3 personas y cada una debe tener una conversacion coherente y con un tiempo normal.

Por cada persona 3 dialogos por lo menos. El dialogo es entre 3 Hombres.

Hey es urgente porfavor ayudenme.




                                             the great disruption  


Mary, Martha and Lazarus were brothers, one day Mary and Martha spoke:
  maria marta said, I'm tired of finding lazaro clothes lying on the floor.
maria said - to me that makes parese to annoy just because it is the largest. (Then enters lazaro).
I do it for qur I have to work and you did not I get up at 6: 00 in the morning to go to work. - very bitter Lazaro said.

Mary tells about that - I do not I have to put your disorderly know from now on each his own orders,.
I really agree with you I can not take their disorders.
and so the brothers settled their problem and everything went very well



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I run in the park
You speak english very well
He paints his house
You answer difficult questions
We learn new languages