Necesito hacer una redacion de ingles de 4ºE.S.O que trata de lo siguiente. El titulo es ---> Sense Connections. Tengo que contestar dos preguntas y hacer una redaccion: 1. Do some smells remind you of childhood? What associations do they have? 2. What about sounds? Do some sounds or songs hace strong associations for you positive or negative? Lo necesito para hoy, PORFAVOR AYUDADME.GRACIAS




do some smells remind you of childhood?

The smell of rain hitting a sidewalk when the rain first starts to was fun to go out and play with the rain, barefoot, feel the smell of the earth and the warmth of the wood sticks fire coming out from the back of the house, where my mother and sisters prepared dinner, that was a real good smell.  these smells remind me of nature and its exotic smells natural way of sensing them.


some sounds and songs do have a strong positive and negatave  impact associations for me. In conclusion, sounds can give humans both impacts, either bad or good, either positives or negatives but it depends on individuals how they use it and appreciate it as what they want because music is part of human art and a subjective thing to us.

espero que sea ayuda. suerte