in conclusion STD Economically affected each year because many resources are used for treatment, besides that many times people suffering from diseases like AIDS suffer discrimination in employment and not get jobs.

Culturally affect as in the case of migrants who return home with a disease infecting wives and children, so many families disintegrate. espero te sirva aca abajo la traduccion en español


en conclusion STD(enfermedades de trasnsmision sexual) Economicamente afectan pues cada año se destinan muchos recursos para su tratamiento, además de eso muchas veces las personas que padecen enfermedades como el sida sufren de discriminación laboral y no consiguen trabajo. 


enfermedades de transmicion sexual eh... ok

hay te va

in conlucion the viruses you can get can destroy your life because you have some options...

die because the virus is to strong and your antibodies will lost their power because the virus is stronger 

be unconfotable because the viruse is causing some bothering 


the most important part is to use security methods cause if the person wich you have sexual contact have a viruse you can get it to so a condon or many of the other options will help you and help your life because having a kid in a young adges or having a viruses can cust your youngnes