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Ejercicios: Passive Voice (Voz Pasiva)   Para que comiences a ejercitar lo aprendido sobre Voz Pasiva te proponemos que pases siguientes frases activas teniendo en cuenta de utilizar correctamente los tiempos verbales:   John and Fred will climb the Aconcagua Mountain.
My wife crashed the new car.
I opened the windows.
I drink a glass of water.
You did not send the parcel.
They did not catch the thieves.
Jane has taken some photographs.
The passengers are going to visit the museum.
The teacher made a big mistake.
Mary was preparing a lot of food.

Tommy will noll Machu Picchu ruins in Perú.         My boos sent me detailed intruccion.   Sam`s friend solved the problem.                        The wolkers will complete teh new roadin the next year.                Paúl is going to repair the car.