if often _____ (rain) at this time of the year

I ___________(not/drive) to work. I go by bus

She usually _________(have) lunch at about 1 o`clock

He ________ (not/earn) much money in his job

This problem __________(not/happen) very often

My father ___________ (fly) to the USA regularly

Trains to Oxford ______________(leave) every hour in the morning

You _________(not/do) your work carefully enough

She __________(read) a newspaper every day

We _____________(not/listen) to the radio very often

He often ___________(arrive) at the work late

They _________________(go) to a lot of concerts



It often rains at this time of the year 
I don't drive to work. I go by bus.
She usually has lunch at about 1 o`clock.
He doesn't earn much money in his job.
This problem doesn't happen very often.
My father flies to the USA regularly.
Trains to Oxford leave every hour in the morning.
You don't do your work carefully enough.
She reads a newspaper every day.
We don't to the radio very often. 
He often arrives at the work late.
They go to a lot of concerts.