Make the present simple

1)(she/play)_______________tennis every week?

2)They (go)________________to the cinema every Wednesday...

3)(she/be)______________a singer?.

4)You___________ (find) the weather here cold.

5)I(be)_________in a cafe now.

6)(they/be)___________on the bus?.

7)Lucy______(ride) her bicycle to work.

8)Why (he/be)_________in France?

9)I_________(not/play) the piano very often.

10)It______ (not/be) cold today.

11)We___________(be)from Portugal.

12)(we/make_______) too much noise at night?.

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1. Does she play tennis every week?

2. Do they go to the cinema every Ednesday?

3. Is she a singer?

4. You find the weather here cold.

5, I am in a cafe now.

6. Are they on the bus?

7. Lucy rides her bicycle to work.

8. Why is he in France?

9. I don't play the piano very often.

10. It isn't cold today.

11. We are from Portugal.

12. Do we make too much noise at night?