My name Reiki, I have twenty years. I'm a redhead and my hair is always gathered in a ponytail, I'm not too high nor too low, I am very slim only weight sixty-one ... I have not had an easy life but I'm not complaining. I have no studies or permanent employment. I'm a hunter or as they say "murderer". I'll tell you like I killed my last victim. It happened one day thinking on the couch. As always waited until it was night, my life began when the sun went down. My sick mind to some other brilliant thought my next victim ... had to be brown, with blue eyes that looked like the sea from the terrace of my apartment. I armed myself with a butcher knife and went to hunt in my face a grin evil. The eyes of the people inspired fear. I went to my garage and took the large black Jeep, and pulled me rode in search of my prey. Stand under the Brooklyn Bridge, I sat and looked sideways there was no one to answer to my victim. A two seconds a young man sat next to me. -Hello. - What about? -I said looking down. - Do you mind if this here? -Not that would matter to me. She looked into his eyes. My heart leapt with joy and turned to smile sadistically ... he was, he was the prey they need. His hair was black and blue eyes. - Are we going to walk? -Okay. He stood up. We walked towards my 4x4 and without thinking I gave him a blow on the head, he fell senseless in my arms and put it in the passenger seat. I drove home and put it by force, went to the basement where I had my beloved machines. Many people have suffered in them ... loved them. When he woke up scared to see me with a whip. - What do you want from me? -He said pleading, love when they do that. 'Nothing, I just want to play. I smiled. -Stupid psychopath. You're a fool. -Absolutely not. I gave him a lash in the eye-I've done wrong, I will punish you very hard. With the whip to punish all his weak and emaciated body, always so lazy human. The fourteenth whiplash was already half dead. I grabbed a knife but the sound of the door bothered me so I kept it, untie the boy was bleeding badly and answer with a "now open". It was the heavy neighbor telling me to leave a little rice, old damn things always asking me ... well, I gave it and said goodbye. I went down again and saw he was bleeding a lot, and did not wake up. I walked like a wild animal and tasted the blood coming down from his wounds, he knew. I love the smell and the taste of blood ... I love her. I got in the car and pulled, I rushed to the hospital and when I opened the car door and turned abruptly or threw it like a vile dog. He shot and heard as the door crashed into an old screamed. First I thought about throwing it into a ravine or river so that his death was slow and agonizing. I thought it was going to give then decided to end his life. I went home where I poured a glass of whisqui smoked a cigarette and looking at the blue sea in the background, felt the soft smell of it. Then I lay down on the couch and fell asleep ... hell, but that would not happen. I got up at four o'clock I went into the kitchen and saw a big shiny knife, I took it and put it in the belt of my pants, went to the bathroom and grabbed a tube of tranquilizers, I went to the hospital to end life of my prey. I went in and told the receptionist where was the seat of that bastard. She said it was not visiting hours so without hesitation I rushed to her and slept with chloroform, looked your computer. We had the room number so I went upstairs, in the room could hear noises seemed to be an examining physician, I waited until it was hidden seconds later. Quick into that room, I saw him sitting on a bed with a respirator connected. Touch her slender neck, her skin was white and cold. Anger blinded me, I took the knife and grabbing her thin neck beheaded him, I felt nothing seemed he had no soul. The blood was gushing out, staining the sheets, his hospital pajamas and even me. He loved the blood splattering my face, savored while drowning in his own blood. I could hear his heart suddenly stopped, smiled coldly. His body was cooling, I got tired of the balcony and I drove aimlessly toward the cliff was there next. Knowing what I would do, I took the whole tube of tranquilizers, looking up, cried but not helpless or if I was repenting, then with the same knife also cut my neck to look like it was a murder. My body fell to the cliff, half dead. All my sight was fading gradually after dark all the terrible and feared eternal darkness. Well here I am writing this from hell do not regret what I did, I killed forty children since I was ten years old ... I love, I love to kill, that adrenaline to plunge the knife, I have an eternity ahead, but only I have a solution, I am the angel of death. Kill every day that is my eternal destiny, and I will be a murderer'm eternal.