my name is Dan and I live on a farm My father is a farmer He grows carrots,onions,potatoes and sugar beet.He also keeps dairy cows that is cows for milk it is hard work every morning he gets up at six o'clock in the morning he has a banana and nowl of cereal for breakfast and then he starts work at half past six in the winter he finishes work at six o'clock but in the summer he finishes work at nine o'clock when he wants to relax he goes bird watching or he takes photographs responder con ese texto a) what is dan's father's job? b)what time does he get up in the morning c) what does he have for breakfast? D) what time does finish work ? e) what does he do to relax ? Ayudaa es para mañana




a) what is Dan's father's job? He is a farmer

b) What time does he get up in the morning? at 6 o'clock

c) What does he have for breackfast? Banana and nowl of cereal

d) What time does finish work? at 6 o'clock

e) What does he do to relax? He goes watching birds or he takes photographs


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