I travel to London every week.

They run in the park every Saturdays.

My mother cleans the house. 

Mary works in a bank.

John walks to his office.

You study English at school. 

We live in Paris.



Italian people don't eat a lot of pasta.

The train from Madrid doesn't arrive at 2:45.

Tom doesn't like cooking very much.

Sarah doesn't play cards on Mondays.

The Thames doesn't flow through London.

Some Americans don't drink six cups of coffee a day.

The spaghetti doesn't taste delicious. 


I have been looking for you.

I didn't find you.

Where you were?

I eat twice a day.

I don't have dinner.

Why don't we have dinner together?

I like futball.

I don't like Basketball.

Do you like any sport?

I love you.

I don't mind?

Why don't you love me?

I am having dinner with my family.

I am no at home.

Why don't you join us?

I really interested in History

I don't believe you.

Aren't you?

I am gonna change, trust me.

I can't trust in you.

Why not?