There is a mistake in each sentences. Find ir and correct it. 2. Why you want to learn Italian?3.She han't never been to New York. 4.I've wrote to her three times and she hasn't answered yet. 5.I didn't enjoy the film. It was very bored. 6.How many times you been to Spain?. 7. I'm very exciting about my holiday. 8. The students worked very hardly. 9.Eho's keys are these? They're Linda's. 10. What kind books do you like reading?. 11. Did you ever been to Ireland?.




2- because if we do not endiende if qe Italian visa apasiar what you say


5- best caribbean pirate Sunrise crespusculo



8-all descanczar

9- yes pretty

10- friends love


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2- Why DO you want to learn italian?

3- She HAS never been to New York

4- I´ve written to her three times and she hasn´t answered yet.

5- No se lo que esta incorrecto en esta oración :P

6- How many times HAVE you been IN Spain?

7- I´m very EXCITED about my holidays.

8- The students worked very HARD.

9- WHOSE keys are these?

10- What kind OF books do you like TO READ?

11- HAve you ever been to Ireland?.