necesito un ejemplo de especies migratorias con caracteristicas de la especie, habitat, el porque de la migracion y el tiempo. Si me dicen eso o si me dan algun link les agradeceria mucho, y que no me respondan con qué son las especies migratorias porque NO me sirve, grcias!




a type of migratory bird is the Stork


While that the birds that live in warm areas near the Equator can get food year-round, who live in the North due to the cold that

plaguing most of winter (snowfall, frosts, frosts, freezing temperatures) are moving

towards the South to warmer climates, where say get food for the rest of the year.

Most of the species are fed with the view, this limits the time they can spend feeding,

because while more North the days are shortened much more, a problem for the birds that try to gather enough food to feed their hungry young. Various types, based on their migratory behavior can be recognized among the birds in the Iberian Peninsula