quien me puede 3 diálogos entendibles en inglés? que el 1 contenga todas estas expresiones: thats different-of course not-it's a joke, silly!-ow-hey-let me see-excuse me-what do you do-you're right!-it depends-what do you mean? *El 2 estas: come here!-why not?-bye!-isn't safe-I'm coming with you-now, listen-ok?-come back-oh i don't know-what kind of things?-yes, you do *El 3 estas: did you have fun?-it was brilliant!-ow, my feet hurt-that's terrific-let me take a picture of you-say cheese-what on earth was he doing-i've no idea-thank goodness. GRACIAS:D




A: HELLO how are you?

B: fine but im bored

lets do something now

thats terrific

lets go dancing 

ok but my fet hurt so 

¡La mejor respuesta!


Juana: Let me see

Pedro : Of course not

Juana: Why not?

Pedro : Because i hate

Juana:what do you mean?

Pedro : It's a joke, silly.

Juana: it 's not funny ,Pedro



Juan: Hey! Julie do you want to go with me to the city?

Julie: I don't know.

Juan: Why not?

Julie :My father says that it isn't safe

Juan: come one. We would do funny things. 

Julie: what kinds of things?

Juan : you will see

Julie: Ok I'm comming with you.

Juan: Ok see you later. 

Julie: Bye




John: Did you have fun?

Elisa: Yes it was a greet party . But my feet hurt

John : It 's nothing. Can i take a picture of you?

elisa: Yes of course

John : Say Cheese.

Elisa: john ! Do you remenber Taylor?

John : Yes.

Elisa: What on earth was he donig  at the party?

john : I 've not idea, but he scary me. 

elisa: Me too

John : You will never be like  Taylor.

Elisa. Never I promise

John : Thanks Goddness