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1.There have been (be) three World Cups up to now.

2. The united states___ (win) the compettion twice.

3. They ____(not have) the compettion in south América.

4. Germany ___ (play) in one wolrd Cup Final.

5. The united states _____( never lose) in the Final.

6. There _____(be) one World Cup in Europe.

7.Norway and the United states____(play) in two finals

8. Germany ____ (not win) in the World Cup

9. Norway ___ (score) three goals in the world Cup Finals.

10.There ___ (be) one final which finished in a penalty competition



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has won

haven't had

has played

has never losed

have been

have played

hasn't won

has scored

have been


2has won

3haven't had

4has played

5has never losed

6have been

7have played

8hasn't won

9has scored

10have been