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A)complete the sentences with the correct word . The numer of letters in each word is given in brackets . 1._ People work to e ______ money (4)

2._careful. The soup is very hot.Don't b_______ your mouth(4) 3._You can'tsail when there is no w______(4) 4._you use a t_____ (5) to dry yourself 5._we didn't want a big lunch so we just had a s______(5) 6._The fire fighters managed to r______(6) the baby from the building 7._they were late because it was rush and there was a lot of t________(7) 8._She would like the o________(11) to travel in her job.
B) Complete the question with the words in the box where - does - did - what -were - which- are 1. ______ are you studying this semester? 2. ______ you meet ashey's new girfriend yesterday? 3._______ do your grandparents live? 4. _______ you in the shopping mal when you heard the news? 5. _______ chores does your sister do every day? 6. _______ vanessa's boyfriend take her out on weekends? 7. _______ You studying history this year? Ayudenme porfa D:




Mmmm. yo hablo castelllano amigo :/ 

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