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The eldest daughter took all the rugs outside and shook them. The middle daughter did all the dishes, and the youngest daughter vacuuumed. The only boy in the family dusted and polished the furniture. When the children finished their work, they put fresh flowers in a vase for their mother.
Mrs. Frowze is a terrible housekeeper. After she went to work yesterday, her children made a big mess. One of them drank a soft drink and broke the bottle. The glass wasn't swept up, and the stain ruined the rug. The usual pile of garbage in the kitchem grew larger because the children ate bananas and oranges and threw the peels on the floor. One child drew pictures on the wall and rode his bicycle. through the crayons on the floor.
Both mothers came home to a reflection of themselves and their habits, but only one of them was pleased.PONME PUNTOS PORFA

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