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Hola necesito urgente una redaccion en ingles : My favourite day of the week. Que siga estos pasos:

1- What is your favourite day of the week? Why?
2-What things do you do on that day?Think of as many activities as you can
3-What order do you do these things in?
4-How are you going to conclude your description?For example:
-a general comment
-a personal reflection
-a suggestion




My favourite day of the week it's Sunday because there isn't school and I can do what I want: I can watch TV, play sports, go for a walk...

In a normal Sunday I get up and before breackfast I go to the sports centre to practise tennis and then I have lunch, before that I watch TV.

I realy like Sunday it's like a very little vacations on a normal week!! :)



Hi, my favourite day of the week is Saturday because I feel free I don't need to work.

The Saturdays are special for me because I went to do some paceful thinks like running readinf and I have free time.

In Saturdays I wake up and have breakfast, I watch TV and then I start to do some exercices, later I like to reading or listend to music. At one o'clock I go to a properly restaurant to eat. Later I go to he park with my dog or I go to the cinema.

I think that is well because Saturdays I can do what I really like in this world so I say it, I LOVE SATURDAYS!!

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