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Was age 13 when it first happened was 11.30pm was in the habit of shopping at that hour because where I live the shops are open hazta the 1 or 2 am ... days before that HECO had died neighbor of mine who lived in front of the house .. it was old ... I went to buy like almost every night when I felt someone was following me ... I turned to look and there was nothing then I felt someone was behind .. . walk more quickly and close to home ... I saw her wing saw who had died the day before .. was with regular clothes always be cold then I do not know what I got ... I turned pale at all I felt terrified sides when you look back on and was not then rush over to the house was about to enter when I look at it appeared again and could not believe I had heard of people who had had a meeting with people and almost similar dead but did not believe hazta that happened to me that day between home pale and stuttered my family asked me what happened I told them what happened they were shocked ... but with the question that will be true or not ... not happened that day but since then only I can see people dying or before do not often but it happened to me several times at the beginning I was afraid to admit that even though I feel terror ... today already 19years I still believe me these things still happening this is real .... you would have to experience it to know what it feels

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