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A… Hi Cristal, how are you doing?
C… Hello Andy, not bad thank you!
A… I have heard that you moved to London!
C… I did, I started my university studies here last year so i decided to move.And how about you?
A… I am working in my brother´s office for two years now.
C…Ok that is great, do you like it?
A… Well it is ok by now, but I would rather work in something connected with my passion.
C… Yes? And what is it?
A… Cars, I am thinkning abou opening my own workshop, you know I always was good with the mechanics.
C… Well, yes I know you fixed my car more than once!
A… I remember that holiday 3 yeras ago when our car broke down in the middle of nowhere.
C… Oh my god, yes I remember that! I was so scared that we will have to camp over there!
A… Right? And the night was so cold!
C… Thank god we had a spare tyre and you knew how to fix it.
A… My father tought me how to do that when I was like 12 years old.

C… That is great, and by the way how is your old man doing?
A… Hm.. he actually died five months ago.
C… OH dear! You must be devastated! I am so sorry!
A… I have to admitt, I was, it hit me out of a sudden, nobody expected that, I was super depressed for over a month. But lives go on, I have to come back to work and everyday life and it helped a lot to focus on other things and move on.
C…And how is your brother dealing with it?
A…You know him he always was a stronger person than me and he has his baby daughter and he has to keep it all together for her.
C… Yes, I guess.
A… Ok but lets talk about something else. Did you and Matt went for teh Glastonsbury festival last month?
C…Yes, we did, it was amazing! Queens of the Stone Age were the final show and it was incredible!
A… Yes, I have hears about it!
C… Next year you definietely have to go with us.
A… I will do my best, you know I am a big fan of music.

C…I know, I know.
A…Ok I need to go, my brother will be upset if I will get late at work.
C… Ok, no problem, send him my greetings!
A… I will, no worries.
C… See you soon!

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