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choose the coffect word:

1)some one is waiting /waits outside who is it?

2)what are you thinking/ do you think of this


3)are you belleing/do you believe in ghosts?

4)kate is busy she is study ing/studies for a test?

5)we´re hoving/have a great time at the moment?

6) tina is usually getting up/ usually gets up at 7:00?

2)pur the verbs in brackets into the simple present or presen continuos:

1)hurry up¡ the bus (wait) for us¡

2)my frinds (not/believe)my story

3)complete with the following verbs in ther past forms :

wait, go, win, see

1)I to the marke this morming

2) you ony good film last weekend

3) my siste the latrery last year

4)I for two long haurs¡were you?




1. is waiting

2. do you think

3. do you believe

4. is studying

5. usually gets up


1. is waiting

2. don't believe


1. went

2. did you see

3. won

4. waited

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