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1. What are you doing?
   -I'm playing with my sister.
2. Why is she crying?
   -Because her boyfriend is angry.
3. Do you play the guittar?
    -Yes, I'm playing right now.
4. Where are you from?
   -I'm from México.
5. What time does he go out from work?
   - At eight o´clock.
6. Why is he so happy?
   - Because today is his birthday.
7. Does she love him?
   -Yes, she is in love with him.
8. Is that your coat?
   -No, my coat is smaller.
9. When does she come back?
  -She is coming.
10. What are they doing in your room?
  -They are sleeping.
11. Why are the children angry?
   -They are angry because them 
neighbors scold them.
12. Is Mario here?
   -No, he is in his girlfriend's house.
13. Is Lola in pain?
    -Yes, a car hit her.
14. Do you love me?
  -No, you suck.
15. Is your mom proud of you?
  -No, she hate me.
16. Why are you so ugly?
  -My mom tell me that i'm pretty.
17. Is she lying to you?
   -She never lie.
18. Who are you?
   - I'm your father.
19. Are you kidding me?
   - I never kidding.
20. Do you like music?
   - I love music.
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