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Los frases con ´´to be going to´´

1. Are you going to buy a new car?
2. Susan is going to take up karate classes.
3. I am gong to join you later.
4. They are going to stay at home tonight.
5. Is Tom going to visit his grandparents this week?
6. We are going to try this new drink everyone is talking about.
7. I am going to sleep.
8. Are you going to give him another chance?
9. Is he going to ever finish this book?
10. They are going to move to the new house soon.

Frases con ´´will´´

1. I will be waiting for you in front of the restaurant.
2. Will you be there on time?
3. Will John join us?
4. Jane won´t make it tonight.
5. Your mother will be mad.
6. I promise I will be back very soon.
7. He will help me with this heavy bags.
8. My sister will clean the kitchen tomorrow, it´s her turn.
9. I hope he won´t be late for the meeting.
10. I am worried we won´t get there on time.

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