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1. He calls his parents once a week, no matter _________

a. is busy or not
b. he is busy
c. what he´s busy
d. how busy he is
2. The boss wants everything _______ finished by the time we leave tonight.
a. to be
b. will be
c. being
d. must be
3. She´s not sure who broke the window, but she ______ to find out.
a. determined
b. has it determined
c. is determined
d. is determing
4. Many people don´t like living alone because they find __________ do everything by themselves.
a. it difficult to
b. difficulty in
c. the difficulty of
d. that it´s difficult
5. I can see you´re tired, so I suggest _______ the evening at home for a change.
a. us to spend
b. spending
c. we´ll spend
d. to spend
6. Dad just called to say he´ll be a little late, but he´s _______ the way.
a. out of
b. on
c. in
d. over


1 b
2 b
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